Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 In order to explain how everything is happening at the same time - I will also use my painting of  'slug theory'

Firstly we should establish some peramiters.

EVERYTHING =  the universe - the whole lot - past and future - anything you can see or can imagine or have been told about. History - the here and now - what is yet to come.

AT THE SAME TIME = This is a sudden flash, a millisecond - or even smaller than that....it is a "NOW".

  O. K ...now think of the large slug like shape in this picture as an orange.(it may be less distracting)

Now say the orange is 'everything'- everthing is contained in the orange - just for imaginations sake say it just hangs around in space existing - humming - just being - in a constant "now" state - forever.

 Inside the orange is us - our time lines - galaxies coming and going - tiny human lives - big long alien lives - who knows - ...we are inside the orange -we are part of the orange - we come from the swirling mass of 'nowness' - get born into a linear temporal existance (inside the orange, made from the orange/slug)- and when we die get absorbed back into the 'nowness'(orange/slug).

  We exist - for a time - in a different sort of framework with this 'slow path' perception - and then we go back to being part of the orange/slug - that is 'everything all at once' and 'everything all the time'.

 So in our reality right here and now we are in the early 21 century - and napoleon was attacking someone hundreds of years ago...but step back a bit - (die) - ...into the slug.......Everything is happening all at once -there is no past or future - there is only now. One moment - all the time - eternally. Us - Napoleon - dinasaurs - everything - all at once.

There would also be the 'every possibility' happening too - but that would be 'multiverse slug theory' - leading to 'same life therapy' - and needs an animation..for another post