Tuesday, 15 March 2011


the newest information of quantum physics tells us some radical observations, everything is happening at the same time,its eternal, we are all one thing, the universe fits on the head of a pin

this painting is a pictorial representation of these things - a map of the universe, with a "you are here" label like you might find in a shopping center

imagine the large slug like thing is "god" or "the universe" or "everything that exists" - its an invisible entity that hangs in space eternally.

 Lets say that you and i are part of this creature, we exist inside it, lets say that when we are dead our souls dissipate amongst it swirling around part of its mass.

the line running through the center of the slug is a represents a time line - (the 'you are here' arrow points to the center - with the two markers either side being 'dinasours' and 'the end of earth' to show how big it is)

lets say we (you and me)were part of the swirling mass,not seperate,but part of that which is conciouce and knows EVERYTHING,then little bits of the whole cluster and become solid (birth)-into a time frame (here and now) with a begginning and an end, which is inside the mass - then when we die we dissipate out back into it again.

this means many things.

  • firstly - we are god, seperated for a short time.
  • our lives are fated to play out the way they always have done (which still doesnt mean you have no control over the future - who knows whats next on this planet)
  • when i die im going to know everything about you - everything you did, everything you thought - and you are going to know everything about me,every breath,every movement every motivation. we will live the birds life, the tree, even the rock, EVERYTHING,and we will have an eternity to absorb it all
  •  in the end - im you and your me - we are each other -  and if you do the wrong thing by someone then you end up feeling the personal intimate pain of that experience from the other persons point of view - so will i - if you do good things then you will feel the joy you created - if you give love,or feel love then we all get to remember that eternally 

it seems logical to me to do the right thing by your brother because in the end your only doing things to yourself

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